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On-Demand Software Testing for Agile and DevOps

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On-Demand Software Testing Is Emerging

The software testing landscape continues to evolve, with more and more enterprises adopting Agile and DevOps to accelerate their digital innovation. Among the top trends in software testing are Continuous Testing, AI and Machine Learning in testing, codeless automated testing, cloud-based testing and on-demand software testing.

We will write articles for each of the trends in the future.

Today we focus on on-demand testing because enterprises can achieve speed-to-market with higher quality and a higher ROI in a short period of time by just partnering with a trusted testing consulting company that provides superior and world-class on-demand testing services.

What is On-Demand Software Testing?

On-Demand software testing is a testing service available to you anytime according to your testing needs and schedule. It is a testing service provided by a managed, remote and scalable team. The testing can be executed 24 hours, seven days a week, flexible with hourly, daily or monthly rates, short-term or long-term. And you only pay for what you need to test.

When Do You Need it?

As you already know, more testing is required from time to time to cover more diverse devices, operating systems, browsers, languages, demographics and configurations, such as before your regular product releases or at the end of Agile sprints.

With the help from the extra on-demand testing resources, QA testing is not a bottleneck for speed-to-market and Agile development. It helps the in-house QA team test at speed and scale to make the product release faster with the highest possible quality.

Furthermore, on-demand testing fulfills your need for innovative testing strategies and initiatives that can accelerate your digital and cloud transformation by equipping you with cutting-edge testing expertise and in-depth industry knowledge.

On-demand testing is also beneficial for companies that lack testing resources and expertise at the moment. In such situations, an on-demand software testing partner you can trust is your option.

Why use TRUSTiiN?

At TRUSTiiN, we accelerate our client’s digital innovation through our top-notch on-demand testing service. Here’s what our clients can expect:

  • A dedicated project manager who understands the client’s product and testing needs will coordinate testing activities. This helps us ensure customer satisfaction, excellence and continuity.
  • Highly customized testing services that are flexible and seamlessly integrate with the client’s team, process and tools.
  • A highly managed, vetted, global professional team that scales in and out at any time you want.
  • We provide both exploratory testing and structured testing services. After exploratory testing, we can create manual test cases for more structured testing runs in the future or create automated test cases for clients moving forward.
  • We continuously improve and learn to serve our clients better.
  • Our services drastically improve testing coverage, eliminate the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs, and speed up time-to-market with the highest ROI.

Who can Benefit from it?

If your company is a fast-growing startup, scaleup or enterprise building pioneering and innovative software products, then on-demand software testing is for you. We specialize in testing on:

  • Mobile app
  • Web app
  • SaaS app
  • Voice app
  • IoT devices like smart homes, wearables, medical devices

Read more to find out how you can benefit from our services:

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Jun Yang – Founder at TRUSTiiN

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