A culture built on trust and innovation.

TRUSTiiN, built on trust and innovation, was born out of a long-term collaborative relationship between three members of our core team.

Jun Yang, Randall Reid and Mike Doyle worked together closely for many years on several ground-breaking projects for a large international software company in the Application Lifecycle Management space. They were jointly responsible for designing-in, measuring, championing and educating development teams about quality, given its critical importance to the projects' success.

Now, together with Zhenmei Gu and Selina Shi, they perceive the challenges common to all software development, whether in the context of a large global or an early-stage startup. Despite their varied roles and career paths, they are united by their shared trust and belief in product quality.

Our entire team brings their collective experience together to help brands deliver faster with higher quality using our on-demand Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution.