Why Crowdtesting with TRUSTiiN?

Crowdtesting is a new, cutting-edge testing method that allows software teams to deliver high-quality products at a rapid pace. TRUSTiiN has set out to deliver a customized, integratable service that provides you with the in-depth testing results that you need to succeed. We have developed a Testing as a Service (TaaS) platform that provides real-world and traditional testing. Four main factors allow us to provide you with high-quality crowdtesting results.


TRUSTiiN builds our testing team (also known as our crowd) from a pool of freelance and professional software testers from around the globe. Our crowd uses a variety of operating systems, devices, browsers and carriers to test your product under real-world conditions and configurations. They also evaluate the UX, accessibility, and performance of your product through usability, functionality, regression, load and performance, security, payment, and industry specific testing. TRUSTiiN’s platform allows you to test all of the possible human and device configurations that your product may face, without the cost of investing in additional hardware and developer time.


Our TaaS platform was built to integrate into your existing testing platform and processes. Whether you prefer to test on a daily, weekly, sprint or release basis, the platform and crowd can be tailored to fit the demands of your development team.


Beyond testing quality, cost and scalability are two of the biggest concerns that exist in the software testing industry. TRUSTiiN’s TaaS platform and crowd can dynamically scale according to your needs. We offer subscription-based pricing models, which means that you can select a testing scope that meets your testing requirements and budget for each cycle.

Exploratory testing

At TRUSTiiN we are looking for ways to revolutionize the software testing industry, and one of the ways we do this is through exploratory testing. Our exploratory testing service requires you to set a clear goal around the aspects of your product that you want to dive deeper into. This goal is converted into tests, which our crowd executes early and often in the development cycle. This process results in the early identification of bugs, risks and design defects, which in turn decreases your costs to fix them. Additionally, by identifying these issues early we are able to maximize your test coverage in the future through manual test cases and automated testing frameworks that are built around these findings.

In an industry where your users’ judgment defines your success, crowdtesting is the leg up that you need to impress your customers and stay ahead of your competitors. TRUSTiiN provides you with the expertise, customized tools, and support that you need to start testing or improve your existing testing platform.

by Katrina Hermanns

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