Why Crowdtesting?

The first impression that your product makes is incredibly important and usually determines its long-term success. As the demand for high quality, rapidly delivered products increases, software development teams are forced to look for new testing solutions that provide unique insights and thorough results, without hindering their speed of delivery for each iteration, sprint or release.

Crowdtesting is a method where testing tasks are delegated to a group of expert QA testers and freelance end-users. The testing team thoroughly evaluates your product and provides you with bug reports and feedback on all aspects of your product. Crowdtesting provides benefits in three areas:


As the market seeks to provide consumers with all of the hardware and software features they desire, the number of possible device/os combinations is growing exponentially. Mobile developers, in particular, are faced with the challenge of Android fragmentation (with over 24,000 unique devices on the market as of 2015) and the 20% of iOS users who still operate on version 8 or earlier. Crowdtesting allows your product to be tested on a wide range of devices, operating systems, carriers, browsers, and configurations, all in real-time. This allows you to ensure that your product presents seamlessly on every platform, without incurring the expense of additional QA time and the required tools.

Crowdtesting also captures the demographics of your users in a way that in-house testing can not. A crowdtesting team is curated to reflect the age, ethnicity, technical knowledge, and accessibility challenges of your real users. This helps UX designers and software developers see how the product interacts with the real world. Professional and freelance testers also provide a fresh, organic perspective that is created by interacting with your product for the first time.


Crowdtesting is a global effort, which means that testers are available twenty four hours a day. This means that you can test more often, and with greater efficiency. Development teams are often challenged with the choosing between risking quality in order to speed up delivery, and bottlenecking the development process with long, inefficient testing cycles. Crowdtesting provides a new answer to that challenge, as developers can submit a testing request at the end of the day, and arrive the next morning to a full report waiting for them.


Crowdtesting doesn’t just target one aspect of your product. You have the power to dictate the depth and breadth of the crowdtesting process, which means you will receive the answers to the questions that you asked as well as ones that you haven’t thought about yet. You have the ability gain insights through UX evaluations and traditional QA methods such as regression testing, load and performance analysis, security and payment testing as well as industry-specific testing in areas such as IoT, automotive or financial.

Crowdtesting is a cutting-edge solution that helps solve one of the software development industry’s biggest challenges. It allows you to test your product’s first impression before it is released, without sacrificing development speed, quality or cost, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

by Katrina Hermanns

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